Using Double Glazing and Modern Materials to Transform Your Home

Double Glazing

Double and even triple glazing is used extensively in many homes and places of business. Double-glazed glass is commonly found in windows, but over time the window can develop a number of issues. As the wood expands and contracts, it can cause the sealant to become brittle and loose. This can cause a window that once opened and closed easily to stick. It can also mean that your heating and cooling is not quite as effective.

The Value of uPVC

While many double-glazed doors and windows are traditionally made from wood, uPVC is becoming increasingly popular in this space. A growing number of double glazing suppliers in London are carrying both aluminium and uPVC doors and windows for their customers. As a material, uPVC offers the following benefits over wood:

  • Durable: uPVC is a strong and durable material. Whereas old wooden window frames and doors will become brittle and damaged over time, possibly even warping, uPVC resists much of this movement due to expansion and contraction. This means that an investment in uPVC today will pay off handsomely tomorrow and become a cost-effective home renovation.
  • Highly resistant: Wooden frames are susceptible to salt in the air, mould, dry rot, and insects. By contrast, uPVC is highly resistant to all of these traditional problems. It won’t corrode, erode, or rust. This makes it the ideal lightweight material for double-glazed doors and windows where durability and longevity is required.

The Beauty of Glazing

Double and triple glazing is a great way to reduce outside noise and provide an extra layer of insulation during the summer and winter months. If your double-glazed doors and windows are looking old and tired, uPVC might just be the answer.

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