Heating Solutions to Combat the British Winter

Heating Solutions

Keeping the home warm has long been an issue for the British family, and there have been many changes over the centuries. Open fires were the only source of heat until the post war years, when central heating emerged, offering an even temperature throughout the building, and there are modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems today that are very efficient. Despite the advances, there is something about an open fore that technology cannot replace, and older people will have fond memories of the cosy evenings around the fire, while watching TV.

Open Fire Options

The modern heating appliances are indeed varied, with gas and electric being firm favourites. In rural areas, a traditional wood burning stove would be evident in most homes, and with multi-fuelled stoves, you have a choice of wood, peat, or coal. Whether real or artificial, the glowing red hearth and the flicker of yellow flame combine to spread a warm glow through the room, and the heat generated is certainly value for money. If you live in the north of England, and are looking for something stylish to heat your home, there are elegant electric stoves in Yorkshire that will provide essential warmth for you and your family.

Cost Effective Heating

If you look at a typical family home, a two storey building with 3 bedrooms, there are many times when the upstairs rooms are not being used and the central heating is pumping hot water through your home and most if it is going to waste. Having a fireplace in the living room, which is the room we spend our time in the evenings, means that energy is not being wasted by heating up empty rooms, and with a range of fuel and power choices, your living room will be the central part of the home, especially in the cold winter months.

Gas or Electric Appliances

Modern heating appliances can give you that real flame glow, while effectively heating the room at the same time, and whether you opt for gas or electric, you will have a cost effective heating solution. Having a fireplace built and installing a modern stove is not something for the DUY enthusiast to attempt, as either gas or electricity are dangerous and only trained personnel should install such appliances.

Multi-Fuel Stoves

Some people prefer to be closer to nature, and gas or electric is not considered suitable, but with a multi-fuel stove, you can choose from wood, peat, or coal to run your fire. This is an eco-friendly way to heat your home, and while there might be an element of work involved, it is well worth the effort when you have a roaring fire to ward off the cold. This type of stove is well suited to rural areas, and you can vary the type of fuel you use, depending on availability, which gives you a level of flexibility and you are not dependent on coal.

Modern fireplaces are tailored to the room, and with stone cladding and hardwood, one can create something unique that will be the focal point of your living room. There are online suppliers of stoves who have an impressive range of products, all at affordable prices.

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