The Art of Bar Presentation Explained

Have you ever walked into a bar, and the bartender is carefully polishing a wine glass, and everything is exactly where it needs to be, and the bar has a kind of smoothness about it. And of course, it is spotlessly clean. It might surprise you to know that bar and pub interior design is very much an art, and those attractive places you like to frequent are the result of applying certain principles.

Displaying the Wares

As with all retail businesses, the idea is to display your products in the most attractive way possible, which is why the spirit bottles are always at eye level, with the labels all perfectly aligned, and the draught beer fonts are cleverly placed just above bar height. This is just one of the principles of correct product placement, and lighting and colour also play a role in creating the optimum buying ambience for the customer. Menu placement would ideally be in racks nearby, and with a specials board for the food menu nearby, food will always be on the customer’s mind.

The Little Things

If you walk into a well-designed bar area, you will notice the small things, as they have been designed to showcase, so you should spend some time when purchasing beverage accessories, such as ashtrays and beer mats, and with a range of designs and colours, you can select something that enhances the overall look of the bar.


Sports are an integral part of the bar scene, and a few well-placed flat screen TVs can relay the popular live games, which is a great draw for customers. Many guys would stay at home if the game isn’t being shown at their local bar, but if it is, then they would much prefer to watch the game with their buddies in a great pub atmosphere.


This is an art in itself, and you’d be well advised to hire a qualified bartender, as he or she would know how to lay out a bar for maximum efficiency and pleasing to the eye. Not only that, they would have an extensive knowledge of cocktails, which is essential in a modern bar. That’s not to say you cannot take a raw novice and turn them into a good bartender, and any person with the right attitude can pick it up within a year.

Know your Customers

Most pubs and bars have their regulars, with a few passing customers, and in that case, you should carefully consider what your customer groups like to do. Some like to play the slots, while others prefer a relaxing game of pool after a hard day at the office, and many pubs rely on weekend live entertainment to bring in the crowds. If your locals are intellectual, you might want to introduce a quiz night, and if your bar is in the UK, there simply must be dartboard tucked away in one corner.

Interior designers know the basics for creating a pleasant drinking ambience, and by taking the above points into consideration, your design concept should reflect the quality of your beers and the professional attitude of your staff.

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