How to design a minimalist dining room

Many homeowners are finding a minimalist home more favourable. This is because a minimalist home design appears clean and organised. Despite the simple look, it can look very sophisticated and elegant if designed properly. Since you spend time with your family every day in the dining room and often entertain guests, it is important to ensure that the interior design of your dining room sets the right tone and mood and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Although designing a minimalist dining room may seem easy, it can be quite challenging. Mentioned below are a few important things that you need to keep in mind while designing a minimalist dining room:

01 of 06 Choose neutral colours

Designing a minimalist home does not mean you should add colours to your living room design. You can add colours to various elements including the walls, window treatments, etc. However, you should be careful while choosing the colours. Colour selections are a key factor in creating a minimalist look. Shades of brown, white, beige, blue, grey are commonly used in modern homes that feature wood, concrete, or marble flooring and countertops. Experts follow a golden rule while choosing colours for a room. While a primary colour is used for the base colour, a secondary shade is chosen to complement the primary one and a third colour for accents.

02 of 06 Proper lighting is essential

One of the key factors you have to consider while designing a minimalist dining room is lighting. The lighting setup can instantly transform a place and add more elegance to the space. Properly lighting your minimalist dining room design does not necessarily mean using artificial light only. It is important to allow natural light to enter indoors as well. If possible, avoid using window treatments and choose windows and doors that feature large glass panes. However, if you need privacy, you can choose light window treatments. Try to position your furniture pieces away from the doors and windows so that they do not block light. In case you need more brightness in the room, you can add a few accent pieces to not only light up your room but also enhance its aesthetic appeal. However, you must install general lights and task lights as well so that your room stays well-lit at night. Consider opting for a dimmer so that you can control the brightness and set the right mood for your dining room. 

03 of 06 Make sure it does not appear cluttered

As the name suggests, you must opt for minimalism. Hence, you must ensure that the dining room interiors do not appear cluttered. You should consider removing all the unnecessary items from the room. This includes removing all magazines, newspapers, etc. from open spaces and storing them away where they are not visible. Try to avoid placing too many items on the floor like large flower vases and statues. You can add a few accent pieces like paintings and small vases to the setup but try to keep them to minimal. Besides displaying your decorative elements, you must remove all other items from view.

04 of 06 Always choose good quality furniture

It is important to choose quality furniture for your dining room design. Since a minimalist decor design focuses more on increasing the room’s functionality, you must opt for furniture pieces that serve more than one function. Many modern furniture pieces come with hidden storage that allows you to store all the not-so-important items away from view. Further, many foldable furniture pieces are available as well that can help to make your room appear more spacious. Make sure you choose pieces that are comfortable and made of good quality materials. Also, try to opt for options that feature natural materials, neutral shades, and clean and clear lines to compliment your minimalist dining room decor.

05 of 06 Introduce various patterns and textures

If you feel that your dining room designis appearing monotonous and boring, you can introduce various patterns and textures that will uplift the aesthetic appeal of the space. You can choose various stylish elements for this purpose. As a result, you will be able to add more character to the space while adding to the visual interest. A few commonly used items for creating a big visual impact are accent pillows, hand-knitted mats, and patterned or plush rugs. Make sure that their colours and patterns complement the rest of the patterns and colours used in the room.

06 of 06 Less is more

This proverb applies perfectly to a minimalist dining room decor design. You should never opt for too many home accents. Although you might feel that it limits various options, keeping unnecessary items away from view is the key to designing a minimalist space. Instead of displaying too many accent pieces everywhere, limit yourself to just a few. This can include hanging a large painting on the wall or a family picture. You can display a few souvenirs or just flowers in vases.

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