Scoop Hire Excavator Construction Equipment Services & Supplies

When it comes to the construction industry, there are more than just a few elements at play. There are a wide variety of companies that act as auxiliary support components for downstream construction outfits via niche services and equipment supplies that are critical to the long-term survival of construction companies directly involved in projects. Most of these auxiliary companies are distinct and emphasize on differentiation which is why Scoop Hire has gained a reputation among industry players within the Melbourne region as a reliable company that provides high end construction equipment at affordable prices that do not undermine margins. From Kubota Mini Excavators to Jackhammer Suit attachments and assorted auger attachments, our Melbourne excavator hire strategy and concept revolves around cost reduction for construction projects outfits whereby the requirement for capital is reduced significantly.

Contractors generally attempt to limit the amount of capital that is required in order to pull off projects as they must keep within specified budgets or risk running the project at a loss. For example, how would a contractor justify investing in a mini excavator that costs about $60,000 for a demolition job that is only commanding $20,000. Unless there are projects after projects confirmed and lined up within a specified time frame, investing heavily would not be cost effective measure. Hence the only other wise decision that would be justifiable in such situations is to hire the equipment and maintain healthier margins. Buying and excavator and spreading the cost over a period of a year would still mean allocating approximately $3000 of capital funds monthly at the least, this would only be justified if the excavator is earning $100 /day which is rarely the case these days. In the best-case scenario, the excavator would be utilised for 15 days in a month which means it sits idly for the remaining 15 days where it is a cost that does not generate any revenue. This could be resolved by simply hiring an excavator from companies such as Scoop Hire on a as and when needed basis. This strategy is also cost saving from the perspective of maintenance and upkeep of the excavator. Companies such as Scoop Hire have a wide range of equipment on hire at very reasonable prices, be it a standard Kubota excavator, mini excavators, Cormidi mini dumpers and other construction related accessories. Establishing a working partnership with such companies is the best way to go about contending with the current economic conditions which has affected all industries large and small and the domestic construction industry is no exception.

Obtaining equipment such as Kubota mini excavators, Cormidi mini dumpers and auger attachments is certainly a much more cost-efficient approach that will certainly maximise profits in contrast to buying and maintaining such expensive equipment. Scoop Hire’s business model in fact is actually based on this understanding which is why the business strategy of the company has been realigned to suit the needs of construction companies in the current global state. For any further information on the type of service and equipment available pay us a visit at the Scoop Hire website today.

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