How to Repair Common Sump Pump Problems

How to Repair Common Sump Pump Problems

Sump pumps are an integral component of basement waterproofing. Efficient running of sump pumps will strengthen your basement waterproofing and keep your basement free from flooding. However, your sump pump may develop s technical or electrical fault anytime, which can make your home susceptible to flooding. As a result, we have compiled solutions to common sump pump problems to help you to fix any fault you notice with your appliance.

A sump pump is expected to last for at least 10 years, and it may not sit in the sump pump pit for years without any issues. But when your sump pump becomes faulty, here are what to do to fix the issues.

  1. Check the Check Valve

In most cases, a sump pump stops working correctly because of incorrect fitting of its check valve or the check valve becomes jammed due to the debris. The failure of the check valve to work correctly will make water return into the basin and cause more trouble and stress for the pump.

Examine the check valve and clean it if the valve is clogged with debris. Turn the valve to point away from the pump and not towards the pump.

  1. Examine the Float

The float is crucial to the efficient running of a sump pump. The float looks a ball and rises to the water level in the basement. When it rises to a particular height, the pump is triggered to start pumping. However, when debris has displaced the float, the pump will not be able to turn on because this float cannot rise to the required level to trigger the pump. This is one of the most common problems with sump pumps.

To fix this problem, examine the float and clean the debris that clogged it. Meanwhile, you should regularly clean the float to avoid this problem.

  1. Check the Power Supply

If your sump pump does not turn on after cleaning and fixing the check valve and the float, then, you have to examine its power supply.

Check the fuse, circuit breaker, and the wiring. If it is not the fuse or the circuit breaker, the wire may have cut somewhere. If you cannot fix it yourself, hire a professional electrician to fix the issue.

  1. Fix the Impeller

If your sump pump does not run correctly, it might be that the impeller has jammed due to many reasons and make strange noises. If your sump pump makes a strange noise, the Impeller must have jammed. Therefore, clean the impeller and remove the debris that caused the jam. To prevent future problems, use a filter to trap debris and keep that impeller clean.

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