Japanese Knotweed Removal: Beat the Weed – Check This Out!

Japanese knotweed looks like a lime-green bamboo-like stem with heart-shaped leaves and white flower. Mostly in the summer, they produce creamy-white flowers, this plant has extensive roots which can penetrate deep into the soil that can damage a certain house foundation, drainage, and water systems, and even the walls.


How Does It Affect You and Your House?

This plant is monstrous and persistent, it can grow faster than the other weeds and it’s really difficult to remove. It has deep roots that can penetrate deep on the ground which can possibly the cause of major structural damage to certain properties. This plant can cause cracks on the driveways and can block the draining system under your yard.

In addition, if someone from the real estate heard the word “Japanese knotweed” in the property, it can harm your hopes of buying or even selling your own home. Not only that, but some lenders will automatically decline all applications for a house that was already invaded by the Japanese knotweed. Other lenders are practical, instead of avoiding the problem, they offer their clients to eradicate the weeds.

If you’re going to remortgage your house or you plan to sell it, some buyers or lenders will demand a professional help to get to rid this persistent plan. However, this method can cost you thousands of bucks that requires a consistent treatment for years and professional’s expert evidence for the proof of guarantee against the regrowth of this plant before giving a mortgage offer.

How to Deal with Japanese Knotweed?

One of the best methods to eradicate this problem is to remove the plant as faster as you can. First, take a good shot of this Japanese knotweed, email them to a japanese knotweed removal company. Then, a professional might charge you a little for the home visit and conduct an inspection to the area.

They will discuss the situation and will give you the quotation for the possible services they’ll provide. But it’s up to you, whether you’ll get rid of them by yourself or hire a professional. Moreover, it is not illegal to grow Japanese knotweed at your yard but you must be responsible to avoid it from spreading to your neighbor’s gardens as well.

Japanese Knotweed Removal Methods

  • Non-Chemical Method: Digging out the plants can be a possible method. However, because of its deep roots, regrowth is also possible. If digging out is your only option, you must remove all the possible roots as you can, then have a consistent eradication plan that involves repeatedly destroying the regrowth of the plant.
  • Biological Control Method: In the UK, they used an insect called psyllid or commonly known as plant sucker. It is used to control Japanese knotweed from growing, but it is currently released only to some trial sites and not for public use. If the project will become successful, it’ll be released in Britain and in some other parts of the US.
  • Chemical Control Method: For gardeners, one of the most effective methods they can use to remove these unwanted and uncanny weeds is to use a glyphosate-based weed killer herbicide.

Regardless of your removal methods, if you can’t do it by yourself, don’t hesitate to hire japanese knotweed removal professionals.







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