Keeping Your Project Green with Renting the Right Dumpsters

If you’re working on a significant project, you will surely invite more people to it than just yourself. You’re probably going to rent an office or a house somewhere to do everything smoothly.

This is great, but are you thinking about the environment while doing it? It’s crucial for everyone one of us to take care of the planet and everything around us. 

With this in mind, you need to think about how to manage the problem with waste. While working, people involved in the project will surely have tons of litter to throw out. Without the right dumpsters, it can all turn it a mess, especially if the neighbor’s cat gets to it.

How to choose the right dumpster?

The first thing you need to do is choose the size of it. If you’re working with two or three people, then you don’t need to get something gigantic. You need a small recycle bin that will be cleaned regularly. However, if you have a bunch of people going to work every day, and you work with disposable materials, then you’re going to need something bigger.

To choose the right size you should measure how much waste you do in a day. Instead of getting something inappropriate, you should first inspect how much waste you make during the day, or the week. When you make the calculations, then you can opt for the right dumpster.

Don’t worry about the size, there’s everything available. Entire factories can be serviced with some of these solutions. Some dumpsters fit up to 40 cubic dumpsters. If you have no idea how much is that, translate it to roughly 12 pickup trucks full of waste.

Know the law on materials

You should know that it’s not allowed to toss all kinds of materials in the dumpster you’re about to get. Make sure that you’re allowed to throw out the materials you have. Some companies don’t allow the mixing of different garbage materials, so you should also have this in mind.

It is best to read a little more on the law of disposing trash, litter, dump, and everything else, and learn about how the state you’re in regulates it. It’s different from one place to another, so make sure you find out about your state.

Why it’s better to rent the dumpster?

There are lots of companies who work on waste management with dumpsters and actually do it pretty well. Their example shows why it’s not necessary to buy huge dumpsters and waste tons of money on them.

For example, a 40-yard dumpster can cost up to $7,000. You may need it for just a couple of months, and that’s it. It is an unnecessary waste of time, so you should think twice about whether you need it or not.

Another reason is the obvious disposal of the dumpster itself when the project is done. What are you going to do with it? You can’t through it in the trash. It is trash itself. So you’ll need to resell it, and no one wants to deal with an already used container.

Renting it seems like the perfect option. You get to throw out the litter when it is needed, pick the right size, ask for the company to deliver it wherever you want it, and all this for a reasonable price. You get one for around $350 per month, and you’re good to go.

If you work for three or four months, you’ll spend some $1,400 on it, and you’ll be free to see it go away as it came – without you moving a finger. That’s one of the best things about renting it, the convenience of getting rid of it when it’s no longer needed. See more about it here:


If you’re running a project that requires a big dumpster, then it’s time to think about how big you needed. Then, you should think about what’s going to go inside and is there a chance for people to throw in stuff that is not allowed.

Finally, you can choose a great company that will offer one for a reasonable price and delivers it to your location.

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