Trees: Increasing Property Values


Trees are necessary not only to protect the environment but also to provide shade after a long day or in the morning before you start your day. They are responsible for supplying press oxygen to improve your quality and conserve water in order to prevent soil erosion. They are also important to provide shelter for wildlife.

Apart from environmentalist needs, they are healthy to beautify your homes. These beautiful mature and healthy trees in your property will affect their value.

The healthy tree doesn’t grow in just a few months or a few days but requires utmost care. Every tree has its own schedule and process to care for, that is why you can use Arbor wise professional tree care which will help you for regular care of your beautiful plant and trees. Some professional services even provide cutting down all trees and planting new ones.

Do they really increase property value?

The visual appearance of trees well appeals to buyers through their mesmerizing and beautiful landscape. The planting of trees will attract buyers towards them. Some research sources state that your property value increases from 3 to 15% with a large tree.

They are key factors to determine the value. You can understand their benefit in your bills. When you have a tree on your property it will provide a cool breeze and shade during warmer months while in colder weather it will prevent any chilly wind from entering the house and provide warmth. They will decrease your cooling caused and heating costs all over the year.

During the rainy month or snow season, you will enjoy a beautiful landscape while sipping a cup of coffee or tea.

Is cutting down trees essential?

Anything that is dead or decade will never sign any positive vibes. The whole point of having three on your property is to send positive Vibes to the people who are living there. Green and living trees improve mental health and physical energy.

It is important to remove hazardous trees which can damage property as well as your soil quality. If the tree is in poor health it is best to remove them from the property.

Some trees can grow old and start drying up their roots. During storms or heavy rain, this tree is a potential hazard as it could uproot easily from storms.

If trees are located in poor locations where the branch can hang over the home it is best to remove them to prevent any risk of damaging the roof. The big expensive root system of any tree very close to your house can risk its foundation system. It is better to remove them if there are any potential problems. You can consult any professional help for inspecting their hazards or for removing them.


Trees are beneficial for your home but they should not be too close or too far from your home. They are not easy to maintain from pruning to uprooting or planting new ones. It is best to get professional help for better efficiency and understanding.

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