Types of Kitchen Faucets and How to Choose One

You cannot imagine a kitchen without a faucet. It is crucial to ensure that your kitchen design interior is functional. You need running water for various reasons like washing the dishes, prepping your food, or just cleaning your hands. Although it is a very small part of your kitchen, you will have to carefully choose it. There are a lot of factors that you have to take into account before deciding. One of the most important factors is the type. You will find lots of different types of faucets in the market. They differ from each other in terms of both functionality and look. If you are buying kitchen faucets, you should be aware of these different types. This will help you to make the right decision for your kitchen sink idea. Here are a few:

01 of 06 Single-handle faucet

As the name suggests, a single-handle faucet comes with a single handle. That one handle is used for everything. You can move it up and down, and right and left to control the flow and temperature of the water. This mechanism allows operating the faucet with just one hand. People working in the kitchen will find it beneficial when they will be holding a wok or bowl in their other hand. The one-hand mechanism also makes mixing warm and cold water easier. Moreover, you do not have to make a lot of holes for installing the faucet. People with a minimalist kitchen design interior will find this kitchen faucet ideal for the interiors.

02 of 06 Double-Handle Faucet

The name of a double-handle faucet is very accurate as well. These faucets feature two separate handles. One of the handles is meant for hot water and the other is meant for cold water. You will have to control the flow of water using both handles. Although you will have to put in more effort to mix the hot and cold water, you will be able to control the temperature more precisely. These faucets require more space than single-handed faucets and require three holes. However, you can find many modern options that require only one hole.

03 of 06 Pot filler faucet

These faucets are mostly seen in modern kitchens. They make cooking in the kitchen more convenient by providing easy access to water. In most cases, they are mounted on the wall. Two jointed arms are used for this. These jointed arms are movable and allow you to push or pull the faucet farther or closer to you. In most cases, they are installed right above the sink like regular faucets. Rather, they are installed at a place where one can easily access them to fill water in pots while cooking without having to move far from the hob.

04 of 06 Bridge faucet

Bridge faucets are a little similar to two-handle faucets. These faucets feature two separate handles for controlling the water flow and temperature. However, these require two holes. The handles stay connected to the holes and to each other in the middle. The faucet extends from the centre of the intersection point of both handles. In other words, the faucet bridges the gap between both handles, and hence, it is called the bridge faucet. People prefer this faucet because of its unique look. You can add more visual appeal to your kitchen design interior with this faucet.

05 of 06 Gooseneck faucet

Gooseneck faucets are preferred because of their long high arch. This arch appears very much like a goose’s neck and hence, it is called the gooseneck faucet. The faucet rises straight from the sink and then arches downward into the sink at the top. Hence, the water falls from a height. This makes it easier to clean large items like pans and woks in the sink. Moreover, they have a versatile look and can be used in various types of kitchen interior designs. The only issue you might face with them is the availability of space. Since these faucets require a lot of vertical space, you might not be able to install cabinets on top of the sink.

06 of 06 Straight spout faucet

For your large kitchen sink idea, you will have to carefully choose the faucet. Otherwise, you might get water on one side of the sink only. Straight spout faucets are perfect for large kitchen sinks as they extend towards the sink. The body stands like a straight line and the handle sits on top of it. Underneath the tap, the body has an extension toward the sink from where water is released. You can move the handles left and right, and up and down to control the water temperature and flow. These faucets are available in many sizes but they mainly have a low profile. You can install them in minimalist kitchen decor.

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