UPVC – What’s All the Fuss About

In Scotland, you may have heard or seen the term UPVC somewhere when looking to undertake home improvements when seeking new windows or doors. For anyone who doesn’t know what the initials mean, UPVC stands for Un-Plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride.

These frames, are different to wood, as they don’t rot and different to steel as they don’t rust. It’s true that aluminium, does not rust, but it will eventually corrode, especially in the harsh conditions found in some corners of this beautiful country. Also, aluminium by itself is not very cost friendly.

Take a look at some of UPVC’s benefits:

  • It needs minor maintenance and will not biologically degrade.
  • It is sturdy, tough, light and has a long life, and can withstand a hard impact.
  • It keeps its shape at normal temperatures and is immune to all types of weather
  • It contains a special compound which gives it a nice smooth, glossy finish, which guarantees that it will maintain its perfect appearance.
  • It differs from other thermoplastics that are completely derived from oil. UPVC is made from a mixture of 57% salt and only 43% oil, giving it extraordinary technical properties and thus promotes unbeatable value.
  • It will never warp or be in need of re-painting.
  • UPVC also makes use of less primary energy when being produced than all other commodity plastics, and can easily be re-melted, making for it to be indeed an example of the perfect type of sustainable and recyclable material.
  • UPVC contains stabilising agents that stop ultraviolet sun rays from making the frame fade or become dull over time.

And now for its Use with Double Glazing

  • Reduced power bills: energy effective double glazing in Lanarkshire can save you up to £200 on your yearly power bills and will help to contribute to the environment by using less fuel, meaning you’ll be more Earth friendly.
  • Double glazing easily provides a warmer, cosier, snug and enjoyable home and a place you want to be.
  • Having UPVC windows in Scotland creates a huge reduction in heat loss through windows and will mean less cold spots and draughts.
  • There’s a big reduction in noise pollution also with UPVC double glazed windows and doors. Your home will have a much more relaxed feeling of peace and calmness.
  • Over a couple of years, your energy efficient double glazing windows will have paid for themselves by way of lower heating and cooling costs, and when taken with improved comfort and looks, UPVC double glazing windows are a solid investment in homes all around the country.

As you can easily see, the advantages of using UPVC double glazing are a big thumbs up for those who’re wishing to change their old windows, or thinking of building a new home. Just simply ask anyone who has had them fitted and see what they have to say or check out some reviews or testimonials online and check out people’s comments.

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