What is the Purpose of Your Fencing

When you are building a fence or revitalising your fence, you will have several different options. Obviously, you need to consider your aesthetics when you are choosing a fence. The look of your fence is very important, especially if it faces the street. However, you need to also consider the purpose of the fence. The purpose of the fence will determine how it is constructed and which materials should be used.

Privacy Fences

In some cases, the fence you choose is simply a privacy fence. Surrey fencing designed for privacy does not have to worry much about the structural integrity. It simply needs to be strong enough to withstand the occasional thunderstorm.

  • Wood is a great option. Timber fencing is a great choice since the timber will provide you with privacy.
  • Aluminium fencing is a great option as well. Aluminium can be bought in large sheets that will provide you with the perfect amount of privacy.

Security Fencing

If you are choosing a fence for security purposes, you will have a few more considerations. Wood is a good choice for security, but is very easy to climb if it’s not tall enough. Also, wood can be easy to cut through, which depends on what you think you are protecting yourself from. Aluminium is probably more secure than wood.

A chain link fence or a fence made of metal bars is also a good option for security. These types of fencing are difficult to climb, and are also able to withstand storms because they have so much empty space between the bars.

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