Why You Should Rent Scaffolding When Painting Your Home

Are you planning on painting the exterior of your home? Have you decided to save on cost by doing a DIY job instead of hiring painters and decorators? If you are going to paint the exterior of your property, you should make safety a priority. The cost of scaffolding in Birmingham is reasonably cheap compared to other areas, a professional company can visit your home and erect a structure that allows you to paint the external portion of your building without having to worry about safety and other things.

Painting Your Home

Here are some tips to help you choose the right scaffolding company for the job.

  • Check what services they offer
  • Make sure they have domestic experience
  • Check to see if they have comprehensive insurance
  • Check testimonials & client recommendations
  • See what prices are on offer

Painting anything bigger than a one storey property can be hazardous without the right equipment, so make sure you do it right with solid scaffolding.

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Since scaffolding is built to the height you’ve specified, and it can be adjusted at any time, you have plenty of flexibility. You have a stable base to start your project from, with an option to move it whenever you need.


Safety should be a priority when it comes to painting your home and the best way to ensure you are safe is to erect a solid structure which allows you to paint without the risk of falling. Ladders can be difficult to move, and they aren’t as sturdy as scaffolding.

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